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The Body Shop - Vaginal Lubricant & Edible Lubes

Erossimo’s Body Shop is jam-packed with essentials and accessories to compliment your sex toy purchases and help you to achieve better orgasms. With everything from vaginal & flavoured edible lubes, condoms, body massage oils and intimate lubricants to climax heighteners and libido enhancers; we have it all right here in The Body Shop. Vaginal lubricant, anal lube & douche systems, aphrodisiacs, plus dozens of products from the world-renowned Kama Sutra Collection, KY Intense Arousal Gel in our KY Range and to help men last longer, ejaculation delay creams, sprays and gels in Men’s Staying Power.

So if you want to kiss it, lick it, suck it, oil it, rub it, massage it or just simply clean it; don’t forget to check out The Body Shop!

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